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Brighton Chiropractic Office Helps Patients Thrive

by: Bret A Baker | Brighton Standard Blade | December 30, 2009

Gina Gentilini and Chad T. Powell, chiropractic doctors at Thrive Chiropractic and Wellness, 429 E. Bridge St., were gratified when Brighton Standard Blade readers voted them the town's top chiropractor in the recent "Best of Brighton" contest.

They even put a thank you on their outdoor marquee to thank passing motorists for the honor.

Thrive Chiropractic, formerly known as Chiropractic Health Services, has been in Brighton since 2003. They moved to the new Bridge Street office in in August. Gentilini and Powell have been married and practicing chiropractic for 12 years. Their early years in the chiropractic business were spent in Craig.

When asked who should seek chiropractic care, their response was "anyone with a spine and a nervous system." Gentilini explains there is more to chiropractic than the relief of headaches and back pain. It is about removing interference in your body so it can heal itself and function at a higher level.

Thrive's primary focus is the integrity of the nervous system, which controls and regulates every cell and tissue in the body. The moving bones of the spinal column, when out of alignment, can impair vital communication links between the brain and the body.

"We help improve the function and structure of your spine, reducing nervous system compromise," Gentilini said.

That's why chiropractic care can help anyone get well and stay well naturally. For example, most people do not realize that if the top vertebra in the spine is out of alignment it can cause such symptoms as spaciness, dizziness, low energy memory trouble, brain fog, sore throats, colds/flu, earaches, jaw pain, and decreased visual acuity along with headaches and migraines. Spinal bones out of alignment between the shoulder blades can cause symptoms such as heartburn indigestion, bloating after meals, burping, sweet cravings, heart palpitations and emotional instability.

Gentilini especially loves taking care of expectant mothers and children.

She says chiropractic is extremely safe for pregnant women, and provides for a more comfortable pregnancy for the baby and the mom. It can also mean quicker and less painful natural deliveries. Gentilini also suggests new moms bring in their babies as birth is very hard on their spines.

"If we can start out their growth correctly by helping them have straight spines and unblocked nervous systems they will be much healthier children," Gentilini says.

Powell utilizes several techniques. Many are powerful and effective instrument-based techniques. These techniques require no twisting turning cracking, or popping of the joints, but instead, are gentle, specific corrections to the spine.

"We are here to serve out patients in whatever capacity they need us," Powell said. "Patients seek our help for a variety of reasons. Some people come to us for relief from a condition, some for a more substantial restoration and others for not only feeling better but wanting optimized health and a healthier lifestyle."

Sondra VanDeVenter, of Commerce City, comes to Thrive for regular alignments and adjustments from chronic back pain. She says sometimes she has a hard time getting around, but after her appointment with Powell, she feels great. In fact, she encourages her whole family to come to this clinic and she has also brought her newborn grandson.

Lisa Adams, of Lochbuie, said that she had low back pain for as long as she could remember.

At the urging of a friend she reluctantly sought chiropractic care. Gentilini discovered that she had an extra vertebrae in her lower back and flat feet. Within months, Lisa was pain free, able to stand up right while brushing her teeth and applying makeup and she got back to running. Adams was so amazed by chiropractic that she knew she needed to work at this office. She quit her former job and now works at Thrive.

Another former patient - turned employee, Jennie Brandsma, of Brighton, came to the clinic for more than two years. It was initially to seal with her postpartum stress disorder. Brandsma was amazed by what chiropractic had done for her and soon brought both of her daughters in for their stomach troubles and for her older daughter's "pigeon toes" all of the ailments were resolved.

"Doctors cannot heal, only your body can do that, at best doctors can remove barriers that bock your healing ability and the body does the rest", Gentilini said.

Chiropractic adjustments in conjunction with exercise, drinking three quarts of water a day, eating better, and lowering stress will encourage a healthy life.

Thrive Chiropractic and Wellness will offer workshops in the near future in wellness strategies at the office. To schedule an appointment, visit or call 303-659-4220.


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