Success Stories

Jenner's story:

We started seeing Dr. Gina at the beginning of December. My 8 year old daughter Jenner was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when she was 6. She was very sensitive and the slightest amount of gluten would cause her severe pain. We were also told by her medical doctor that she has the “marker” for type 1 diabetes and a 70% chance of being diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic. After receiving care from Dr. Gina for two months Jenner is no longer sensitive to gluten. We still live a gluten free lifestyle, but if Jenner consumes gluten she doesn’t feel pain and it doesn’t interrupt her day like before. Dr. Gina has boosted Jenner’s immune system and her body is working the way it should. We are so grateful that we found Dr. Gina. It has been life changing!
Karen H.

Peyton's story:

Peyton started life struggling to have a bowel movement and was diagnosed with acid reflux. Her pediatrician gave her medication for the acid reflux at 4 weeks, along with a probiotic. After no improvement or response to either item we began to look for alternative treatments. I did not want Peyton on several different medications to discover the right one. We were referred to Dr. Gina Gentilini by a friend who had brought their newborn to Thrive. We had our first appointment set for January 10th. They reviewed Peyton’s back, head to butt and our fear was confirmed. She was showing areas of pain in between her shoulder blades, at the base of her skull and the top of her butt. Each area was causing the symptoms she faced. Peyton was in so much pain, could never get comfortable, and couldn’t keep food down. Dr. Gentilini stated she wanted to start an aggressive treatment and see Peyton 3 times a week. This was the worst case she had seen and mentioned if the treatments didn’t show progress she would have to refer us to a pediatric spinal specialist. Within the first two weeks Dr. Gentilini coached my husband and I through additional things we could do at home. Long story short and 5 weeks later Peyton is a happy baby and on no medications. Myself and Nathan are smitten with the results. We feel truly blessed and thankful more than words can express that Dr. Gentilini and her staff have done for our daughter. Thank you doesn’t begin to say enough! We will refer everyone and continue to visit Thrive!

Stephanie H.

My massage therapist recommended I could benefit from chiropractic and boy oh boy was she right. I can't tell you how great this place is without sounding like a used car salesman, but here it goes...

I love this place. Not only is Dr. Gentilini amazing at what she does, but ALL the people you come into contact here are awesome, patient, attentive, and generally caring individuals.
I started out with an intense 3 times a week adjustments which I found somewhat financially draining, physically challenging on my body, and in the end was EXACTLY what my body required to reset everything in its proper place.
After dealing with a lot of chronic pain even with regular massage I am practically a new person. I have clenched my jaw most of my life and now find myself sleeping with my mouth open not migraine inducing closed. It feels like a freaking miracle.
If you live in the Brighton area or just want an amazing Chiropractor be sure to go'll not only receive great attention and'll be free from pain and walk a bit lighter.

Andee H.

I heard about Thrive Chiropractic last year 2010. I was very pleased with the staff upon my first visit. Dr. Gina is very friendly and her adjustments are very effective and helpful. She is 100% a great doctor of chiropractic care. Anytime I need help she is always there. I am so happy Dr. Gina and Thrive Chiropractic are there in our town. What a blessing.


Diane C.

I began taking my daughter to Dr. Gentilini when she was about four months old. She had severe acid reflux and vomited countless times daily. At first, I hesitated but after much coercion from my sister I scheduled an appointment. I could see an immediate effect with my daughter. Within a week she was off of her medication. Her vomiting decreased immensely and eventually subsided. Her demeanor was much more pleasant as well. Now our entire family, including extended family, are patients of Dr. Gentilini. We are so fortunate to have Dr. Gentilini as our chiropractor.

Amanda E.

I started receiving chiropractic care in June of this year. I came to Thrive because of a severe stiff neck. I had very little movement in my neck area and I was in severe pain. After the first couple of sessions with Gina I could not believe the relief I felt and the pain was tolerable. It has been only a month and my neck is better than it has been for years. My quality of sleep has greatly improved which in turn has enhanced my energy level. I had never been to a chiropractor before so I am so thankful that a co-worker referred me to Thrive Chiropractic and Wellness. Gina and the staff make you feel so comfortable and very caring and concerned on how I felt and how I was improving. It's also a great place to meet and talk with old friends.

Tammy C.

Thank you Dr. Gina for the wonderful care you have given to my two sons! I started bringing my boys to Thrive Chiropractic and Wellness after a doctor visit in December 2010. The pediatrician made a statement that did not sit well with me. I was tired of giving medicine for every little sniffle and cough. I also brought in my youngest son for a rash and was told he had an ear infection! I did not administer the antibiotic, I brought him to Dr. Gina for a few adjustments. At his pediatrician's follow-up appointment (7 days later) we were told his ear infection was cleared up! I am grateful that we were refereed to Dr. Gina and I would refer anyone to her great office. The entire staff is kind, caring and extremely helpful. Our greatest gratitude!

Melissa and Boys :)

I started seeing Dr. Gentilini mid December 2010. I chose chiropractic because I wanted to avoid surgery and drug therapy that would just mask my pain and never deal with the real problem to heal my body. I had severe lower back pain and sciatica to the point where I could barely walk or sit. I've experienced amazing results - I feel renewed and I can say today I have been pain free for a whole week after 2 1/2 months of treatment. For someone who was in pain every day for over a year that is huge! I am walking, doing housework and playing with my kids with a new energy. Not only that, I didn't realize how depressed, body achy and tired I felt. Chiropractic had treated these symptoms as well. One treatment Dr. G worked on my upper back and neck and literally in 24 hours the depression and body aches left. I am proof that my nervous system controls my mood and whole body wellness. Overall, I am excited about my journey and the positive results of chiropractic care.

Jacque S.

I started to receive chiropractic care right before I turned 31, in April 2011 and after I lived 30 years without it! I choose chiropractic care because honestly - I did not want to be the next statistic addicted to prescription pain killers. The results I experienced were phenomenal! You can actually feel your body heal itself! Yes, my results occurred at the expected rate, and even more quickly toward the end of my treatment. It's unbelievable! Chiropractic care improved the quality of my life in ways I never thought possible, especially since I lived with pain from a car accident 15 years of my life! I feel healthy, happy, flexible, and vibrant! I can do everything now that I could not do prior to receiving care! Pain free and confident! I am experiencing lots of fantastic things, sleeping is improved, increased energy by far! No headaches, suppressed eating habits and enhanced emotional well-being!

Angela G.

After only a few visits, I noticed how much better I felt. I didn't realize I was really feeling bad all the time. My new normal feels wonderful and I've noticed that my stress level is low and a phobia that I have battled for many years is much better. No more anxiety attacks feels great!

Angie F.

I started chiropractic care about 11 or 12 years ago. I have been going to Dr. Powell for approximately 9 years. I have had back problems for years. I tried therapy, shots and many types of pain meds. Dr. Powell has been able to help with the pain, mobility, digestion and depression. He makes it possible for me to feel younger and able to walk and do daily activities. I could not do without his care. Without his care my life would not be like it is today. Talking with the spine specialist he agreed with me that I keep seeing Chad.

Sondra V.

I started chiropractic care in August of 2012. I decided to choose chiropractic care because I had a pain in my neck and I was all out of whack. I experienced a release of pain and my results occurred more quickly than expected. Chiropractic care has improved my quality of life because I don't feel like my neck/shoulders are going to snap in half. I also sleep better when I get an adjustment.

After the initial consultation, Thrive suggested a very aggressive program. IT WORKED! Within 1 month I felt the pain had greatly diminished and was able to scale back on adjustments. I am now on an 'as needed' program. I would highly recommend Thrive and have done so to several people. Also, the staff is very friendly and professional.

Dana E.


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